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  • Tiger Rice Cooker JPK-G10/GPK-G18 Inner Pot

    Tiger Rice Cooker JPK-G10/GPK-G18 Inner Pot See more


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    Tiger Rice Cooker JPK-G10/GPK-G18 Inner Pot

    Replacement inner pot for the Tiger Rice Cooker JPK-G10/GPK-G18. This is a genuine Tiger replacement part. 


    • 5-Layer Ceramic Coating: Ensures even cooking with a thickness of 1.7mm.
    • Improved Heat Diffusion: Utilises layers of different metals, including aluminium alloy and pure aluminium.
    • Induction Heating Technology: Generates high heat power for quick and direct transmission to the rice.
    • Uniform Cooking: Guarantees each grain of rice is perfectly cooked.
    • Easy-to-Clean Surface: Designed for hassle-free maintenance.
    • Scratch Resistance: Best used with soft sponges to avoid damage to the non-stick coating.


    • Compatibility: Tiger Rice Cooker JPK-G10 and JPK-G18 models.
    • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminium alloy and pure aluminium with ceramic coating.
    • Dimension: Thickness - 1.7mm.
    • Country of Manufacture: Japan.
    • Maintenance Tips: Avoid using sharp utensils and heavy-duty sponges; limit the use of the 'keep warm' function to under 12 hours to prevent coating deterioration.

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