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Enjoy delicious, fluffy rice with TIGER’s “5 layer heat sealing ceramic coating inner pot” and its pressure technology. It also offers a variety of cooking menus for your meals by simply putting the ingredients in to the rice cooker. It brings enjoyable meals to everyday living.


We have made it possible to cook delicious rice and variety of dishes.

We have achieved delicious, fluffy rice with the development of the “5 layer heat sealing ceramic coating inner pot” and pressure IH technology. Simply putting the ingredients in to the rice cooker, it enables to make daily meals delicious and convenient with shorter cooking hours or with slow cooking menu.


1 The secret of the deliciousness

“Induction heating”, the “5 layer heat sealing ceramic coating inner pot” and “Pressure” realize to cook delicious rice.

2 IH (induction heating) system

The IH coils are arranged to fully wrap the pot and recreate the strong heat of an open fire.

5 layer heat sealing ceramic coating inner pot (thickness 1.7mm)

3 Layers of different metals improve the heat diffusion. “IH” generates "high heat power" and the heat is transmitted quickly and directly to the rice, allowing each grain of rice to cook uniformly and fluffy.


4 Heat storage properties of heat sealing ceramic coating

The “heat sealing ceramic coating” on the outside of the pot contains hollow glass beads, and is in addition to the ceramic material coating in improving heat storage. It keeps the high temperature and brings out the sweetness of the rice.


5 Bubbling from the far-infrared ceramic coating

Fine bubbles due to the “ceramic coating” on the inside of the pot cover the rice, bringing out its stickiness and elasticity. And far-infrared effect brings out the flavor of rice.


6 Pressure cooking

In contrast to rice cookers without pressure can only boil the water to 100℃, the Tiger's pressure rice cooker raises the temperature to 106℃ by applying the pressure around 1.25 atm with cooking.

High-temperature boiling more storongly brings out the sweetness of rice.

High-temperature boiling 1.25 atm: at least 106℃

*Temperature at the exterior bottom of the inner pot.


7“Exp. Limited Cups” menu

 “Exp. Limited Cups” menu enables to cook one bowl of rice (0.5 cup) around 15 minutes *1, and one cup around 17 minutes *2 in the shortest, and it allows to eat freshly-cooked rice even on busy days.

“5 layer ceramic coating inner pot” has the infrared effect, heat storage property and multi-layered pot with well heat conductivity. These are unique functions and the heat is transmitted properly and effectively to the rice during the heating and steaming processes. Therefore, it realizes cooking rice with saving time.