Tokusa Rice Bowl 13.2D

A stylish series with a modern Japanese atmosphere that matches the arabesque pattern and modern dining tables. [Recommended use] For mini-tendon, mini-gyudon, etc. to accompany udon and soba. For mini udon noodles and mini soba noodles to accompany rice balls. The round and fluffy form softens the table. [Point: 2 colors to choose from] ● Genuine mat Warm and gentle color. It has a slightly glossy and matte texture. ● Kiln change navy A beautiful color with deep blue. The texture is slippery. [ Size ] 13.2cm x 13.2cm x Height 8.0cm [ Weight ] 359g [ capacity ] When filled with water 690cc * made in Japan ( Mino Ware ) * Microwave Oven Plates & Utensil washing machine : Yes Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: [ material ] porcelain