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Tombow Mono One Eraser 6.7mm

● Short type holder As it is a holder type, it is always comfortable to use. Since it is an eraser-sized short type, it can be handled quickly even while holding a pen and does not stop the work flow. ● Newly formulated medium and fine eraser Strength has been added to the high erasing power unique to mono erasers. Medium-thin 6.7 mm diameter size ideal for A-lined and B-lined notebooks. ● The front rotation type eraser can be finely adjusted to reduce breakage caused by excessive extension, which is often the case with knock type erasers. Since it is a front operation, it can be easily extended with one hand. ● Large elastomer grip Since it can be gripped firmly without slipping, it can be erased with a light force. Since the shaft is integrally molded, there are no problems such as misalignment. ● Shock absorption cushion Absorbs excessive force and shock to reduce cracks that cause breakage. ● With strap through hole ● With anti-rolling hook W75x H15mm