Toyo Mt. Fuji Cherry Sake Cup

Sunny Blue
Evening Purple
Mountain Green
Light Clear
★ A sake cup with the motif of "cherry blossoms" and "Mt. Fuji" that are familiar to Japanese people. "Sakura" gives a hint of the beginning of things, and "Mt. Fuji" is the tallest in Japan, so it is considered to be auspicious. Please enjoy the finest sake with the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji. Imagine a pale cherry blossom that flutters in the air. ★ Comes in a special vanity case, making it ideal for celebrations for loved ones and as souvenirs and gifts for overseas customers. ★ You can enjoy the unique handmade texture such as the shade, the mixture of colors, and the difference in shape. ★ Do not use in a microwave oven or dish washer / dryer. ★ Product size: 78x78x45mm, 45ml, 110g ★ Cosmetic box size: 80x79x52mm ★ Reliable quality Made in Japan High quality of handmade glassware made in Japan. * Product size 78x78x45mm 45ml 110 g * Fancy Box Size : 80x79x52mm Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: Soda glass