Usuhari Tsudumi Slim Glass 335ml 2pc Box Set

"Usuhari" is now very popular by craftsmen of Matsutoku Glass in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. It is made up of skilled skills. The glass made with the technology to make a light bulb has a uniform thinness that can never be machined, It is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Because the glass of light mouth has a small area that hits the lips, it brings out the original taste of the drink at the same time It is an inspiring glass that conveys the feeling that the ice melts and turns around . The flow-like curve is designed with a drum motif, and the beer is poured gently from the glass to the mouth, so you can drink the beer more deliciously. It is easy for women to hold and their fingertips look beautiful. A glass craftsman history For over 50 years, under the supervision of “Contemporary master craftsman” Hisao Katagiri, it is a superb gem created by hand work one by one. I made a popular beer glass (pilsner) in a set in a wooden box. Ideal for gifts.

Country of manufacture: Japan Material: Cali Glass Package: Wooden Box

capacity 355ml   Width 67mm  Height 170mm Wooden Box Size  190 *165 *90mm