Yamako Konro Hibachi Large

It is a stove where you can enjoy the deliciousness of charcoal fire on the table. A long-angle stove that uses diatomaceous earth with high heat insulation. It is a full-scale product for business use. At an izakaya, on a round table in a beer garden. ☆ Small holes are lined up on the inner bottom, and the ash that has fallen into the ash reservoir below this is Please scrape it out from the front sliding door. ☆ The stove (large) has a partition in the center of the inside (fixed type). ☆ Please also include a special floor board. * Be sure to use a floor board as the table will burn. * To clean the stove body, just wipe it with a towel without soaking it in water.

charcoal fire length Corner Gas table ( Large ) : About 3 1.6 x 18x H17cm ( Wire Mesh : About 3 1x 18cm )