Yoshikawa Drip Coffee Pouring Pot 1L

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■ perfect for drip! ・ Do not tasty to drip essential, narrow mouth drip pot ・ Spout poured thin hot water easy to shape The Slowly an appropriate amount can be vertically pouring is Features ■ hand-friendly wood handle Handle natural wood with a gentle warmth Also difficult to slip in the wet hands ■ corresponding to all of the heat source, including IH (electromagnetic cooker) of 200V ・ Since the product of "cooking heaters for cookware" SG certified products of Safety Association, including the 200V IH, corresponding to any heat source ■Product Size (About ) Width 302x Depth 140 x Height 156mm (Lid Including )capacity (About ) full capacity : 1.0L proper capacity : 0.6Lweight (About )450 g