Yoshikawa - Earthen Pot Stainless 27cm

Gas fire and IH can be used, easy to clean with stainless steel. The lid is a motif in the lid. It can be used for any heat sources, both IH and gas fire! Made in Japan (Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture) SJ185 7:11.2 xDIA. 17x18.7cm SJ200 7:13.5 xDIA. 23x25cm SJ185 8:16.2xDIA. 27x295cm Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: Main Unit : 18-0 stainless (Thickness 0.7mm ) Handle : 18-0 stainless (Thickness 1.2mm ) Lid : 18-0 stainless (thickness of board 0.5mm )