Yoshikawa - Stainless Steel Oyakodon Pot With Lid Set

Introducing the Yoshikawa Oyakodon Pot with Lid Set - a high-quality kitchen essential made in Japan.

  • Crafted from 18-0 stainless steel and features a natural wood handle that is easy to grip and control.
  • The border of the pan is designed to easily transfer cooking shape, making your cooking experience more efficient.
  • The lid  is designed with a steam vent to allow for proper cooking

Oyakodon, also known as "parent and child donburi," is a traditional Japanese dish consisting of chicken, egg, and green onions cooked in a sweet and savory dashi-based broth and served over steamed rice in a bowl called a donburi. The dish gets its name from the combination of "oyako" (parent and child), which refers to the chicken and egg ingredients, and "donburi" (rice bowl).

Enjoy cooking Oyakodon at home with the Yoshikawa Oyakodon Pot with Lid Set. With its premium materials and thoughtful design, this pot is a must-have for any kitchen.