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  • Yoshikawa Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan

    A symbol of Japanese culinary tradition and innovation. Crafted with durability in mind, this ... See more

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    A symbol of Japanese culinary tradition and innovation. Crafted with durability in mind, this iron Tamagoyaki pan is designed for long-lasting use, becoming more seasoned with each use.

    Key Features:

    • Even Heat Distribution: The pan's superior heat circulation ensures evenly cooked Tamagoyaki every time.
    • Durable Iron Construction: Made from robust 1.6mm thick iron with a unique hammered pattern on the bottom for less distortion and enhanced durability.
    • Versatile Heat Compatibility: Suitable for gas stoves and 200V induction heaters, this pan is versatile for all your cooking needs.
    • Natural Wood Handle: Featuring a natural wood handle with a clear urethane coating and beech material, it offers both comfort and style.
    • Stainless Steel Hook: Equipped with an 18-8 stainless steel hook for convenient storage.
    • Quality Finish: The pan boasts a transparent silicone coating for longevity.
    • Made in Niigata, Japan: Authentic Japanese craftsmanship guarantees quality and performance.

    Please Note:

    • This product is compatible with induction heating (IH).
    • Not suitable for dishwashers or microwaves.
    • No need to remove the silicone coating before first use. Simply wash with a dishwashing sponge and detergent.

    Pan Dimensions: 19x13.3x3.5cm

    Weight: 570g

    User guide:

    The Yoshikawa Tamagoyaki Omelette pan has a food-safe silicone coating that protects against rust. Here's a simple guide to prepare it for cooking and maintain its quality:

    1. Initial Cleaning:

      • Heat the pan evenly to remove the silicone coating.
      • Once heated, wipe off any residue and let the pan cool.
    2. Washing:

      • Clean the pan with hot water using a non-abrasive sponge (avoid steel sponges as they can scratch the surface).
    3. Seasoning:

      • Coat the pan generously with cooking oil.
      • Heat the oil and fry a piece of scrap vegetable to distribute the oil evenly across the pan.
      • Remove the vegetable, dispose of excess oil, and rinse the pan with hot water.
      • Repeat this seasoning process as necessary to enhance the pan's non-stick properties.
    4. Post-Use Care:

      • After cooking, wash the pan using water only.
      • To prevent rust, dry the pan immediately and apply a thin layer of oil.



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