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  • Yoshikawa Wide IH Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan 365 x 200 x 74mm

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    Iron tamagoyaki egg pan that heats up evenly to help you make the perfect tamagoyaki egg roll!  See more

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    Iron tamagoyaki egg pan that heats up evenly to help you make the perfect tamagoyaki egg roll! 

    This large wide pan makes it easy to make large omelets

    Compatible with 200V high power heat source as well as gas fire CH / IH SG mark certified products

    Seasoning and Care:

    1. When first using the pan, please remove the anti rust varnish by evenly heating up the pan. Wipe away any residue.
    2. Once the pan has cooled, wash the pan using a sponge with hot water. Please use a non-abrasive sponge, as a steel sponge may scratch the pan. 
    3. Season the iron pan by pouring oil generously into the pan. Heat up the oil, and fry a piece of scrap vegetable and making sure to evenly coat the pan with oil. Remove the scrap vegetable and tip and tip the excess oil away. Use hot water to clean the pan before use. Repeat steps 2-3 as required.
    4. After use - wash the pan with water. To avoid rusting, dry the pan immediately after use and apply a small coat of oil. 


    1. To not burn yourself, make sure the pan cools down 
    2. If the pan is dinted, to not use it 
    3. Make sure to hold the pot at all time it may not be stable on the stove
    4. Do not leave the pot unattended 
    5. Do not leave food inside for a long period of time
    6. Do not use for anything other than cooking 


    • Body size :365x 200 x 74mm
    • Weight :780g

    Made in Japan

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Lovely little pan, so useful

    it is not as non-stick as I'd expected but would recommend as it's very convenient for more than just tamagoyaki.


    Great, even heat distribution, nice to be making Tamagoyaki in a “proper” pan again. Good size pan and handle, fits very comfortably in the hand and is well balanced