Yoshikawa - Yukihira Pot Handle Large 20-22cm

[Made in Japan safe and secure! Yankei craftsmen special attention to snow pan] Because it is a pan that is used everyday, it is a self-confidential work designed to stick with ease of use. Wooden handles with warmth are less slippery with wet hands, familiar to hands. Easy to transfer boiled, soup and other items to other containers with a double-mouth design that chooses the arrangement of the dominant hand and the kitchen. You can use gas fire and IH. YH6751:326*161*82mm /1.2L YH6752:345*181*90mm /1.6L YH6753:378*202*101 mm/2.1L YH6754:402*222*108mm /2.8L YH9497:203*40mm YH9498:222*43mm YH9499:244*44mm YH6758:155 *DIA. 26mm YH6759: 161*DIA. 29mm Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: Main Unit /18-0 stainless ( Thickness 1.0mm ) Handle /Natural Wood ( Beech wood ) screw /18-8 stainless steel