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nifty colors Zip Long Rain Coat Sand

[2021 new work] Rain using "Peach drop", a super water-repellent material that instantly repels water drops even when it is exposed to rain, with a slight brushing on the surface of the fabric, like peach skin that repels water drops. It's a coat. "Super water repellent" is generally said to be "a phenomenon in which water droplets come into contact with a surface at a contact angle of approximately 150 °". The "Peach drop" used for raincoats measures a contact angle of around 148 °, and the water-repellent power of the fabric keeps the surface tension like a ball. Furthermore, "Peach drop" is also characterized by its high water-repellent performance and high washing durability. In the water repellency inspection at the inspection agency, the highest rank 5 of water repellency before washing is retained until 10 times after washing, 4th grade until 30 times, and 3rd grade water repellency even after washing 50 times. Was sustained. As it is a pouch-shaped storage bag with a zipper, it fits neatly and is ideal for carrying around when going out or traveling when it is likely to rain. The smooth, soft and smooth texture that is characteristic of peach skin is useful not only as a raincoat on rainy days, but also as outerwear for daily use. Corresponding size: ML Shoulder width 42 cm, Chest circumference 112 cm, Sleeve length 60 cm, Length 110 cm The loose-fitting long-type ultra-water-repellent raincoat whose silhouette can be changed with the elastic at the waist is a silhouette that can be worn just by putting it on. The front zip has a sporty feel, but if you squeeze the elastic at the waist, you will get a soft and feminine silhouette. The wrist area is squeezed with rubber to prevent rain from entering. The long length of 110 cm covers below the knee. It is a useful item that you can wear like an outerwear from spring to autumn. It is ideal not only in rainy weather but also as a measure against the cold on chilly days. Available in three colors: the standard charcoal and khaki colors, and the sand that creates a bright atmosphere just by putting it on.