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    Yoshikawa Cook-Pal Beijing Wok 33cm

    Yoshikawa has successfully developed a supreme rust-resistant and durable ... see more

    Yoshikawa has successfully developed a supreme rust-resistant and durable series of iron frying pans, woks and tamagoyaki omelet pans in COOK PAL REN.  

    • Fully seasoned and ready to use after an easy 5 minute process
    • Special Heat Treatment & Rust Resistant
    • Supreme Durability & Toughness
    • Made using nitrided iron without hazardous non-stick coatings.

    The Cook-Pal Ren is a one-of-a-kind line of woks, manufactured in Niigata, Japan by Yoshikawa Co.

    No Need for Burning off Coating - Steel Surface is Not Anti-Rust Coated

    Unlike clear lacquer-finished products, the Cook-Pal Ren's steel surface is not anti-rust coated, eliminating the need for the troublesome process of burning off coating. The wok is ready to use right out of the box.

    Features of Special High-Temperature Thermal-Treated Steel Plate

    When the iron surface is strengthened with the special high-temperature thermal treatment, an oxidized layer is formed, which is over five times harder than normal iron. This layer covers the entire surface and penetrates the iron, so no coating peels off when the surface comes into contact with a metal spatula or brush, unlike resin-finished frying pans.

    Hard to Burn Ingredients and Rust-Resistant

    The oxidized layer on the steel surface has small holes that allow oil to penetrate, making ingredients harder to burn. The wok is also rust-resistant, making maintenance a breeze. Simply rinse with hot water and wipe with a dry cloth.

    Extra Steel Content for Intake and High-Flame Cooking Ability

    The Cook-Pal Ren's iron content discharged during cooking helps fortify your cooking with extra iron, making it a great choice for high-flame cooking. The highly-durable iron allows you to fry ingredients in a short time, creating a crisp texture.


    Size Size:33cm
    Dimensions Inner Dia.x Depth:337x95mm
    Weight: 1395g
    Thickness: 1.6mm

    Body: Nitride treated Carbon Steel

    Handle: Natural Wood


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    More information

    • To properly season your cook-pal wok, follow these steps:

      1. Pour enough oil to fill the pan about 1/3 full and heat gently for about 5 minutes.
      2. Turn off the heat and pour out the oil.
      3. Being careful not to burn yourself, use paper towels to wipe the residual oil thoroughly over the entire inner surface of the pan.
      4. For the long life and optimum performance of the pan, this process should be repeated after every few weeks of regular use.
      5. Use ‘Routine conditioning’ – known as ‘abura-gaeshi’ in Japanese – before every use, using a smaller amount of oil to thinly spread across the entire surface of the pan and heat up. Pour excess oil away and you can begin cooking.
    • How to clean and maintain your cook-pal:

      • Use sponges or natural fibre pot brushes and hot water whilst the pan is still warm, but NOT scalding hot. Dry IMMEDIATELY after washing before storing.
      • If using for stewing, steaming or boiling, lightly oil the pan’s surface after washing and drying before storing.
      • If you have burnt what you are cooking, add hot water and bring to the boil to soften the burnt remnants before removing with a natural fibre brush.
    • Please read below before use:

      • Never leave a pan unattended on an active stove.
      • Do not subject the pan to excessive heat when empty.
      • When using a gas hob, please ensure that the flame does not go beyond the pan’s bottom surface, resulting in fire damage to the handle.
      • Avoid sudden temperature changes, e.g. dunking into or pouring cold water whilst the pan is still very hot, which could cause distortion or breakage.
      • Do not use the pan for storing cooked food, as any liquid may cause corrosion.
      • Do not use in the microwave or oven