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  • The Definitive Japanese Claypot Introduction and Seasoning Guide

    A brief history and introduction

    Why Donabe?

    How to Season a Japanese Claypot: A Comprehensive Guide

    Maintenance Tips for Your Japanese Claypot

    Important Donabe Precautions


    It depends on the product! All of our claypots are compatible with gas stoves, but only some are compatible with IH stoves. Make sure to check the product descriptions on our product pages to double check!

    Typically, seasoning once before the first use is enough. However, if you use your pot frequently, re-seasoning it every few months can keep it in prime condition.

    Yes, but ensure to place it in the oven before preheating to avoid sudden temperature changes, which could cause the pot to crack.

    Cracking could be due to sudden temperature changes or using high heat. Always warm up your pot gradually and avoid using high heat for extended periods.

    While it's possible, it's not recommended as food acids can degrade the clay over time.

    It's better to hand wash your pot. Dishwashers can cause rapid temperature changes and use harsh detergents that can harm the clay.