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  • With best sellers such as the Yukihira pot line - which stands out for its versatility and classic design. Handcrafted to suit both contemporary and traditional kitchens, Yukihira pots are renowned for their lightweight, stainless steel construction, making them ideal for everyday cooking tasks such as simmering soups and sauces. Our collection also extends to a wide range of specialty products, each tailored to enhance the preparation of specific Japanese dishes. Chanko Nabe pots, essential for preparing the hearty stew beloved by sumo wrestlers, offer ample space and sturdy design, ensuring a communal dining experience like no other. Shabu Shabu pots, with their sleek and shallow design, are perfect for the Japanese hotpot, allowing for quick cooking of thinly sliced meats and vegetables in a flavourful broth. For those searching for a more rustic, traditional design - take a look at our traditional Japanese cast iron pots, designed to recreate the flavours of hearty home-cooking.