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    Based on 681 reviews
    Stunning tea set

    These teacups are absolutely beautiful. So much nicer than I expected. The glass is very high quality, crystal clear and the blue detail is gorgeous. Very dainty and perfect for iced tea, but I have also used them for wine! Highly recommend

    I find the pencil very durable and being able to cap the lead also gives one greater use of the pencil. Very handy, fitting into any pocket without stabbing oneself or breaking the lead.

    The best rice cooker i ever had. Recommended.

    It’s much darker than I expected

    Nothing wrong with the product, it’s just way darker than it shows on its product page.

    Hobonichi Techo 2024 Original Avec Book [JPN/A6/Jul Start/MonStart/6-Month]

    Kinto - Unitea Unimug - Small - Clear

    Perfect size - nice swivel hook and easy to clean


    No leaks, light weight & easy to clean. Very good container

    Simple to use and makes delicious rice crackers

    Can't believe I found this, very happy with the purchase.

    Perfect for taiyaki lovers

    Fun and easy way to make taiyaki at home. Recommend trying it with savoury fillings such as sausage & bacon

    Cute and perfect size

    Good for a cup of tea. Very cute

    Durable and great design

    The tray is tilted and helps drain the water away into the sink.

    Durable and practical

    The military green colour looks awesome. Well built

    Makes tracking days enjoyable for my wife

    Sturdy and ergonomic

    Happy with the purchase despite the higher price compared to other jars.


    Great idea, works great.

    Shimoyama Double Layer Pants Hanger 5pcs

    Excellent quality
    Perfect for towels & sheets

    Great towel

    When I was in Japan recently, the hotel had these long towels for use in the shower. I found them so great for reaching around to wash my back. So I was keen to get one. I love it!


    small size, good for things like sponge cake. Very sturdy and good quality

    Functions as described and very pleasing esthetics the size is perfect

    Space saving

    It's bigger than I thought but very good. Can be placed horizontally and still able to place other things on top of it or placed bericalltto save bench top space.

    Love this

    My husband loves this gif his sushi rice making & has but the time didn’t half

    Marna OSAKANA Sakura Sponge 2P

    The best

    It's exactly what I want. Good quality as usual 👍🏼