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  • Kokubo Fuwa Fuwa Heart Sponge Net

    Kokubo Fuwa Fuwa Heart Sponge Net - Create Flawless and Fun Facial Foam! See more

    Limited Stock

    Kokubo Fuwa Fuwa Heart Sponge Net - Create Flawless and Fun Facial Foam!

    • Heart-shaped sponge inside a facial cleansing net, allowing you to swiftly create fine and luxurious foam.
    • The sponge provides a comfortable grip, enabling you to easily generate foam with just one hand.
    • Perfect for those who desire a thorough cleansing routine but also value time efficiency - quickly whip up foam with a single hand motion.
    • The adorable pink heart shape adds a touch of cuteness, making your cleansing routine more enjoyable.

    Recommended for teens who want to explore the world of "foaming facial cleansing." We also provide guidance on the proper "facial cleansing techniques" for beginners.


    • Heart-shaped sponge included in a foaming net specifically designed for facial cleansing.
    • Enables the creation of fine and luxurious foam quickly, thanks to the combination of the net and sponge.
    • The heart shape provides an ergonomic grip, allowing easy foam generation with one hand.
    • Suitable for creating foam with soap, facial cleanser, cleansing foam, and other products.
    • Equipped with a hanging string for hygienic storage and convenience.
    • Delightful heart-shaped design enhances the joy of facial cleansing. Highly recommended for beginners.

    Size: 165 × 115 × 30 Materials: Made in Japan