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  • Kinto - Kakomi Rice Cooker 1.2L

    The Kinto Kakomi Rice Cooker in White is designed for perfect rice cooking, offering fluffy an... See more


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    The Kinto Kakomi Rice Cooker in White is designed for perfect rice cooking, offering fluffy and evenly cooked results. Its ceramic pot releases far-infrared radiation, and the convection created by the rounded shape ensures each grain is cooked to perfection. With a low water absorption rate and easy measuring options, it provides a convenient and enjoyable rice cooking experience.


    • Far-infrared radiation effect for fluffy rice: The ceramic pot's far-infrared radiation, enhanced when placed over direct fire, produces fluffy textured rice.
    • Designed for perfect convection: The rounded shape and dual lids promote convection, evenly cooking every grain and preventing boiling over.
    • Low water absorption rate: The heat-resistant ceramic pot has a low water absorption rate, preventing lingering odors and residue for easy maintenance.
    • Easy measuring: Reference lines inside the pot and a measure cup provided make it simple to measure the right amount of rice and water.
    • Adjustable water amount: Easily adjust the water amount based on taste preference and rice types.


    • KAKOMI rice cooker 1.2L
    • Size: φ175 x H125 x W195 mm
    • Capacity: 1200 ml
    • Weight: Approx. 2000g
    • Material: High heat-resistant ceramic (pot), AS resin (measure cup)
    • Compatibility: Microwave, oven, direct fire, and dishwasher safe (pot); dishwasher safe (measure cup)
    • Important usage instructions and precautions provided for optimal performance and safety.

    Note: Product size, shape, and color variations may occur due to the manufacturing process. The colors of the body and the lid may slightly differ due to material variations.

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