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  • Kinto - Kakomi Donabe - Earthenware Pot - 2.5L

    The Kinto Kakomi Donabe Earthenware Pot is a versatile and high-quality cooki... See more


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    The Kinto Kakomi Donabe Earthenware Pot is a versatile and high-quality cooking pot that is compatible with various cooktops. With its low water absorption rate and innovative heating element, it ensures efficient and flavorful cooking while preserving the natural goodness of ingredients. Its design promotes shared cooking experiences and enhances the enjoyment of meals together.


    • Compatible with direct fire, induction heater, halogen heater, microwave, and oven, offering flexibility in cooking methods.
    • Low water absorption rate prevents the transfer of food smells and allows for clean and mold-free usage.
    • High-quality heating element on the bottom surface enables even heat distribution and minimizes friction damage.
    • Includes a steam plate for steamed recipes, preserving the rich taste and nutrients of ingredients without the need for oil.
    • Three unglazed dented areas on the back of the steam plate are marks from the firing process and not defects.
    • Designed for shared cooking and dining experiences, highlighting fresh seasonal ingredients and fostering conversations around the table.


    • Size: φ275 x H145 x W315 mm
    • Capacity: 2500 ml
    • Weight: Approx. 2800g
    • Material: Heat-resistant ceramic
    • Compatibility: 100V and 200V induction heater, direct fire, halogen heater, ceramic hob, microwave, and oven safe
    • Important usage instructions and precautions provided for optimal performance and safety.

    Note: Product size, shape, and color variations may occur due to the manufacturing process.