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  • Kobayashi Easy Drain Cleaning Tablets 12pcs

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    Simply drop this into a home drain outlet and it will break down & sterilize slime and bacteria, properly cleaning away the roots of smells. 

    Usage Applications: for the drain outlets of kitchens, washbasins, bathrooms, for toilet bowls etc. (Not suitable for use on copper, brass, cast iron, aluminum, wood & rubber items.) 
    Approx. Usage Amount: 1 tablet for the drain outlet of a kitchen, washbasin, bathroom, toilet bowl etc. 
    Contents: 12 tablets 
    Ingredients/Materials: Foaming Agent (carbonate, organic acid), potassium hydrogen monopersulfate 
    Size (cm): 22 x 10.5 x 1.5 
    Weight (item only)[G]: 89 
    Made in Japan 
    Manufacturer Name: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical 
    Handling Precautions: 
    ・Store in a clean place out of reach of children. 
    ・Do not use if your physical condition is not great. 
    ・Do not use with hot water. 
    ・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose. 
    ・Be sure to ventilate when using. 
    ・Wear rubber gloves when using. 
    ・Use immediately after opening. 
    ・Avoid direct sunlight and humidity. Do not leave in places with high temperatures or places where it will get wet. 
    ・Depending on the dirt or degree of dirt, sufficient effects may not be obtained. 
    ・[★Dangerous, do not mix] When using together with acidic/alkaline type products (mixing), it is dangerous as harmful chlorine gas will be emitted. 
    ・Should this get in your eyes, immediately rinse with weak running water without rubbing for more than 15 minutes. Immediately after, consult an eye doctor. If left alone, your eyes may become damaged. 
    ・Should this be swallowed, do not vomit, immediately rinse mouth with water, drink 1-2 cups of milk, water or egg white and consult a doctor. 
    ・Should this adhere to your skin, rinse off well with water. 
    ・Should your eyes sting, you start coughing, feel unwell etc. during use, stop using, leave area and wash eyes, gargle etc.