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  • Kiwami Copper Cup 2PC Set

    Experience Superior Cooling with our Copper Sake Cup. See more

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    Experience Superior Cooling with our Copper Sake Cup.

    Indulge in a blissful moment with our unique sake vessel that showcases the extraordinary properties of copper. With unmatched cooling characteristics, when cold drinks are poured into it, the copper quickly reaches the same temperature, ensuring the coldness lasts longer than other metals.

    • Set Contents: Pure Copper Cold Sake Cup 65ml x 2
    • Material: Copper (interior plated)
    • Box Weight: Approximately 82g
    • Box Size: 9.5x14x5.5cm
    • Country of origin: Japan

    Experience the unique cooling benefits of our copper sake cup. Perfect for those who enjoy a chilled drink, this cup is a testament to the superior characteristics of copper. Enjoy your sake or other beverages the way they were meant to be served, cold and refreshing.