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  • Shimoyama ADV Foldable Cart Trolley

    The Shimoyama ADV Foldable Cart Trolley is the ultimate solution for camping and transporting ... See more

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    The Shimoyama ADV Foldable Cart Trolley is the ultimate solution for camping and transporting heavy items. With its versatile design and convenient features, this foldable cart trolley is perfect for all your hauling needs.


    • Four-Wheel Mode: Easily transport large quantities of items at once, making it ideal for heavy loads.
    • Two-Wheel Mode: Offers excellent maneuverability, allowing you to navigate tight spaces quickly.
    • Brake System: Equipped with brakes on the front wheels in four-wheel mode, ensuring safety and stability even on slopes.
    • Grip Handles: The handles feature a comfortable grip, and the height can be adjusted in three stages for personalized convenience.
    • Foldable Design: Can be conveniently folded, minimizing storage space requirements and ensuring it doesn't get in the way when not in use.
    • Non-Slip Support: Features a non-slip surface to keep your cargo securely in place.
    • Sturdy Construction: The one-piece molded bottom provides thickness and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance.
    • Magnetic Tire Fixing: The tires can be securely fixed in place with magnets to prevent them from spreading.


    • Material: Iron/Aluminum Alloy/PP/TPR, providing durability and strength.
    • Four-Wheel Mode: Approximately W77×D45×H92cm, offering ample space for transporting your belongings.
    • Two-Wheel Mode: Approximately W45×D42×H110cm, allowing for easy maneuvering in crowded areas.
    • Folded Dimensions: Approximately W39×D12×H64cm, making it compact and easy to store when not in use.
    • Four-Wheel Mode Load Capacity: Approximately 150kg, enabling you to transport heavy items with ease.
    • Two-Wheel Mode Load Capacity: Approximately 75kg, suitable for lighter loads.