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  • Tiger Rice Cooker (JAX-S10/JAX-S18) Inner Pot

    The Tiger Rice Cooker (JAX-S10/JAX-S18) Inner Pot is an essential replacement part for the Tig... See more


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    The Tiger Rice Cooker (JAX-S10/JAX-S18) Inner Pot is an essential replacement part for the Tiger JAX-S10A/S18A models. Crafted in Japan with meticulous attention to quality, this genuine Tiger product ensures the longevity and performance of your rice cooker.


    • Available in Two Sizes: Suitable for both 5.5 cup and 10 cup Tiger JAX-S10A/S18A models.
    • Genuine Tiger Japan Inner Pot: Authentic product made in Japan, guaranteeing compatibility and quality.
    • Scratch Resistant: Designed to withstand regular use without showing signs of wear.
    • High-Quality Material: Made of aluminum, known for its excellent heat conductivity and durability.
    • Fluorine Coating: The inner pot is coated with fluorine, enhancing its non-stick properties and making it easy to clean.

    Care & Maintenance:

    • Use of Sharp Utensils: Using sharp or metal utensils can scratch and eventually lead to the peeling of the non-stick coating.

    • Abrasive Cleaning Tools: Heavy-duty sponges or scrubbers can damage the non-stick surface.

    • Extended Keep Warm Function: Using the keep warm function for more than 12 hours allows moisture in the rice to bind to the coating, leading to peeling.

    • Adding Ingredients in the Pan: Avoid using spices, salt, butter, oil, or vinegar directly in the inner pan as these can degrade the non-stick coating.
    • Gasket Maintenance: Models with gaskets on the outer lid may accumulate water during cooking. It's important to rinse and wipe these gaskets dry after every use to prevent dew from dripping into the pan, which can lift the coating.

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